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Counseling for Parents
and Families

Are you struggling with your child’s behavior?  Are you worried about their wellbeing? Is your adolescent’s or young adult’s acting out affecting other family members in a negative way? Are you feeling overwhelmed and defeated at times? Is your child’s behavior deteriorating?


I have a long and successful history of helping parents of teenagers and young adults (over 12 years old) that are experiencing behavioral problems, presenting with at risk behaviors, isolating from the family and having a negative impact on other family members.


The cause of adolescent acting out may be related to psychiatric conditions, substance use, stress and/or issues related to family functioning.

Education can be provided covering causes and basic concepts of addressing behavioral problems including; cognitive, psychodynamic and systems interventions. Concepts related to helping parents may include alignment, splitting, contracting, empowerment, the destructive effects of secondary gain, and identifying when substance use is a problem, as well as the use of psychiatric evaluations and psychotropic medications. 


Treatment may include individual and parental couple’s sessions as well as family therapy.


Having worked with adolescents and families for over thirty years, I will integrate much of what I have learned over this time. I have treated families in my practice as well as in a structured outpatient setting, with a focus on mental health, substance and co-occurring issues.

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