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Extended Evaluations 
for Adults and Adolescents

The extended evaluation serves to determine the root causes of problematic behaviors. Mental health issues, systemic factors and substance use are explored.  The individual is engaged in weekly therapy for six to twelve weeks. Random urine screenings may be obtained.  Psycho education is provided to include, risks of self-medication, progression of addiction, stress and anger management, effects of drugs and alcohol, adolescent development, symptom management, seeking a psychiatric evaluation and life skills.
Psychodynamic and Cognitive techniques are utilized.
Family therapy is also provided as needed.
The extended nature of the evaluation creates a therapeutic alliance end engenders increased trust which can be important in identifying needs and obstacles. Extended Evaluation may also enhance an individual’s ability to identify that they can benefit from treatment and help them engage the therapeutic process. 


Attorneys may refer those involved in a DUI, custody or domestic situation. The client then arrives in court with a letter stating they are currently and successfully involved in treatment.

Recommendations that may be made include: No further treatment, Ongoing Individual and/or Family therapy. Structured mental health or Substance Use Outpatient programs or Residential treatment as well as a consult with a psychiatrist. 

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